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Are there consumer products using Time of Flight ranging camera technology?


There was some years ago announcements of new developments in cameras that were able to record the intensity and time lag of light that they detected to be able to view the range topology and reflectance of a target.

Does anyone know if such camera technology has been commercialised yet?

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Hi KalleMP! I'm curious if you're interested in this for autofocus (my assumption) or to get 3D information for some other reason? mattdm‭ 6 months ago

@MattDM The idea was to use it as a HID to detect finger movement over a printed keyboard for instance where you cannot necessarily see the motion of the fingers if they lift and fall on the same key or how long they press down. KalleMP‭ 14 days ago

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If I understand the question right, you are probably talking about Light-field camera. One of these, Lytro was selling in 2014, which provided some fancy results as the "photo" could be re-focused after the exposure:

Lytro camera

The above wikipedia article says the company shut down in 2018. There are few other alternatives, but I am not aware about anything recent and widely available.

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That is pretty cool but not the technology I remember. It was intended to determine the range to an object from the time of flight for the return of a flash exposure. I think it used a very fast electronic shutter and then pulse delay and height detection on each pixel. I may be wrong but this other tech was not the same. KalleMP‭ 14 days ago

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