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How to take 2 exact same photos, months apart


The issue:

I will be using photoshop to create a photo of my friends Mike and Jim with their favorite drinks sitting at the same table.

Jim is visiting this week and has an expensive bottle of scotch.

Mike is visiting next month and will be bringing an expensive bottle of Whiskey.

The photo will contain both items and persons despite the fact both people and items never existed in the same room at the same time.


I just have an average smartphone, and no tripod.

The plan is to use a tape measure and ensure the table+chairs is in the exact same location for both photos, to limit the work done on photoshop and make the resulting photo look more realistic.

I could attach a string to my smartphone and measure the bottom of the String from the walls

But I don't know how to get the exact angle. I could buy a cheap tripod, but I don't know if the angle of the smartphone would be exact. I'd also like to save a few bucks if this is possible without a tripod.

Image of the table

Image of the empty table

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I added 'time-lapses' as a tag, since I believe you'd need to do the same thing for time-lapses. In my case I cannot keep a camera in the same spot for a month. dustytrash‭ 23 days ago

There is software which will automatically align photos for panoramas: I use the free Hugin. Exact alignment is good if you can manage it (and a spirit level may help), but the biggest problem will be having exactly the same focus, and I can't offer any tips for reproducing the focus position on a smartphone. Peter Taylor‭ 21 days ago

@PeterTaylor thanks, I didn't think about focus. It turns out there are settings for manual focus on my default camera app dustytrash‭ 21 days ago

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