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2020 - October - Clouds


Rules that are always applicable are as follows:

  1. One photo per answer, and no more than 5 answers per user per contest.
  2. Post only photos taken by yourself/person with you.
  3. All entries should include a line of text with the location, subject, and date (specificity is up to you).
  4. Refrain from posting sensitive/debatable content
  5. Only upvotes count towards winning.

Rules for October are as follows:

  1. Clouds - Photos of clouds
  2. The contest will last the whole month of October and to be clear, we use UTC, just like the site itself.
  3. There is no constraint on when the photo must have been taken.

Suggest a theme for the next contest.

  1. Leave a single comment below in the format THEME - ONE SENTENCE DESCRIPTION

Good luck!

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Emptiness - Photos which depict empty landscapes, places, things ‭Razetime‭ 1 day ago

2 answers


Thunderstorm over Mt Elden


18 Aug 2014 northeast of Flagstaff Arizona.

I was on the east side of the ridge, so didn't get much warning about this thunderstorm coming from the west. A few minutes later, I got caught in quite a thunderstorm with hail. The hail was big enough to sting a bit when it hit me, even thru a shirt. Getting under a tree didn't help much, and the real problem was trying not to be a lightning target.



Image alt textUploading, please wait...

The image actually didn't come out this badly, I had to reduce the quality since I always shoot RAW.

I took this in the morning, when I looked out my window and saw the sun behind the clouds. Setting a high shutterspeed is what made the clouds look dark.

August 13th 2020, near San Jose, California


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2020 - October - Clouds
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