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How can I take better pictures of the fish I catch?


After reeling a fish in, sometimes I want to take a picture before I let it go. So I unhook the fish and hold it in one hand while I take the picture with my other.

I am usually in a hurry to get the fish back into the water quickly and its always kind of awkward to hold a slimy fish in one hand and a camera in the other.

Here would be an example,

Image alt text

Are there techniques or tips for better photos under these types of conditions?

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Are you usually fishing alone? I assume so, but wanted to check. mattdm about 1 month ago

@Mattdm yes, normally I am Charlie Brumbaugh about 1 month ago

How do you define "better"? This seems to be a perfectly acceptable image of a fish...unless you're going for something else; what is that something else? Hueco 27 days ago

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